Thomas Anders Adventskalender 2014 jetzt auch bei Amazon

Der Thomas Anders Adventskalender 2014 und alle anderen Thomas Anders Merchandise Artikel sind jetzt auf Amazon erhältlich.

Um Euch das Warten auf den Weihnachtsmann zu verkürzen, bieten wir auch in diesem Jahr den Thomas Anders Adventskalender (gefüllt mit Vollmilchschokolade) an. Der Adventskalender ist ab sofort erhältlich.

Thomas Anders Adventcalendar 2014 now on Amazon

The Thomas Anders Advent calendar 2014 is now available on Amazon available.

Counting the days until Christmas! We are offering again the n the last years we the Thomas Anders Advent calendar. It is an old german tradition to open every day one “little door” filled with milk chocolate until Christmas. The calendar and all other Thomas Anders merchandise is available now on Amazon.

TV documentation about the Jubilee 30 Years of Modern Talking

Because of the jubilee of 30 years of Modern Talking The tv-station RTL has produced a documentation (2 hours) about the history of the band. The production took place a few days ago in our office as well. Here the trailer to the broadcasting on the December 3rd.

(c) RTL

Thomas Anders Advent Calendar 2014 only a few days until opening

Only few days are left, before we can open the first little door of the Thomas Advent calendar 2014. Save your advent calendar now in my shop, or send a short email to my service team (




The noble design calendar is delivered in a high-quality packaging. From now on the Advent calendar is available in our shop or can be ordered at our Fanclub: